External Surface of (Benign) Lipoma

This is the external surface of a lipoma, a benign tumor of adipocyte origin.
The bright yellow color is typical of fat.
Note the lobulated appearance. This is also typical of this lesion.
This particular tumor arose in the subcutaneous fat (note the small strip of skin denoted by the black arrows).
(Description By: T.V.Rajan, M.D. )
(Image Contrib. by: Melinda Sanders, M.D. UCHC )

Credit:   This photo and description is from the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC)
Virtual Pathology Museum

Chris Babin found this photo on the internet at: Blow Up of Lipoma of the Soft Tissue

It is dramatic! It is gross and disgusting and if you have big ones, you usually can feel them. This gives a visual image to what many of you are feeling. Take this photo to your doctors. It is not like regular fat.

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